We hope that your time at Somerville will be part of this daring adventure called life, and a time to become better prepared for the part of the adventure that lies ahead.

Welcome to Year 8!

We hope that you will enjoy your last year at Somerville and that you will give your best effort in all you do, as this will ensure that you get the most out of your education at Somerville! Our school is a very busy place, as you will no doubt have realised by now, and it really is up to each of you to make the most of the many opportunities available to you.


In year 8, all students get the opportunity to delve deeper into 4 of the 8 Technology and Specialist areas of their choice that they were introduced to in year 7. They spend a term in each of these Technology or specialist classes. All students are involved in a whānau Inquiry, which is based on a fertile or rich question, and this question is explored and fleshed out in an integrated approach to learning, so that it may involve any number of or all of the curriculum areas.


Separate units maybe taught for certain Health topics. Students will have the option of being able to participate in specialist Science Fair classes and lessons.


One of the highlights for year 8 students is the EOTC at Maketu Marae, Kawhia, in term one. This is always a great day where students get to know their classmates and teachers a lot better. During term one we also have our school swimming sports day.


At the end of term 2 our choir and orchestra take part in the Somerville Music Festival together with a number of the primary schools in our area.


Every second year we have a school production during term 3 in which students with an interest in drama get the opportunity to shine on stage.

Term 3 is also the time for participation in the Howick and Pakuranga Dance Festival, the Koanga Festival and school and Eastern Zone speeches. A 'dads and lads breakfast', 'girls night out' and a music festival stage challenge are also features of the term 3 calendar.


In term 4 each whānau hosts an Odyssey evening during which they share the learning and learning experiences that they have been involved in during their Inquiries throughout the year. This is also the term during which we have school athletics day, APPA festival for choir members, the Year 8 Graduation Dance and Prize Giving ceremonies.


Throughout the year a variety of sports opportunities are available for students. These include rugby, netball, cross country, water polo, hockey, softball, cricket, squash and a range of other sports. All in all a great range of opportunities – GO FOR IT AND HAVE FUN!