We are RUAPEHU, the highest mountain in the North Island.


We are represented by blue, the colour of the mountain lake.


Our bird is the Tui and our charity is Halberg Foundation.


Our whakatauki - Mā te huruhuru ka rere te manu

'Adorn the bird with many feathers so it may soar'


By developing as a whole person, we discover our strengths - using our capabilities to support others unites us and makes us stronger.


Whānau Members

Year 7

Room 25 Tracy McHatton

Room 24 Kelly Hales
Room 26 Danyon Haskett
Room 27 Hayley Caulton

Year 8

Room 21 Debbie Eagle
Room 19 Paul Knight
Room 20 Jati Dubey
Room 22 Jessica Clayton



Universal Concept

 Our Inquiry this year focuses on Patterns.


Patterns are everywhere in our world. They can be seen in nature and manmade. They can be studied across all disciplines and be used to interpret many aspects of our lives.


Ruapehu students will be encouraged to explore patterns viewed through the lens of Maths, Art, Science, Nature, Environmental, Languages, Cultures, History, Geography, Social Studies, Literacy and Technology.


Throughout their own journey they will explore patterns in people relating to their cultural identity and groups within our society; patterns in Science relating to physical and chemical changes; patterns in our own body relating to our thinking, physical and behavioural patterns that occur and patterns which are enablers to bring about change. From their journey of exploring patterns they will be challenged to consider how patterns can enable us to change our world.


Term 1 has been a focus on “People Creating Patterns” where students have explored their own identity, the identity of our whanau and our community. Students have developed a greater understanding around why people migrate to other countries and the challenges they face. This has included looking at our own families and culture.