We are RUAPEHU, the highest mountain in the North Island.


We are represented by blue, the colour of the mountain lake.


Our bird is the Tui and our charity is I Am Hope.


Our whakatauki - Mā te huruhuru ka rere te manu

'Adorn the bird with many feathers so it may soar'


By developing as a whole person, we discover our strengths - using our capabilities to support others unites us and makes us stronger.


Whānau Members

Year 7

Room 26 Andy Hamilton (Whānau Leader)

Room 25 Jannay Grove
Room 24 Leena Maharaj

Year 8

Room 21 Tracy McHatton (Whānau Leader)
Room 20 Jati Dubey
Room 22 Kelly Hales
Room 23 Paul Knight



Universal Concept

This year Ruapheu Whānau will be investigating the concept of 'Relationships'.