Whānau Members

Year 7

Room 7 Tina McKenzie

Room 9 Dave Beehre

Room 15 Donna Bowler

Room 17 Joey Jekel

Year 8

Room 8 Chia Mhawish

Room 10 Chris Appleton

Room 16 Louise Connolly

Room 18 Rosy Gramani


Inquiry Synopsis

Where we live affects how we live.

Our school has adopted a new whānau system that will grow our school culture. We believe that there is a plethora of great learning around our whanau name. For example, in Maori it means bloody sky, hence our house colour of red, it’s geography, as it’s an icon of Auckland and can be seen from most parts of Auckland. This, in turn, lends itself to our statement for the year: “where we live affects how we live".


From this statement, we can, therefore, help our students to determine who we are, what we want to be and by focusing on ‘relationships’ as our universal concept it fits best around the learning we have in mind.


As a whānau, we will be developing the core value of Tuakana-Teina. Tuakana/teina refers to the relationship between an older (tuakana) person and a younger (teina) person and is specific to teaching and learning in the Māori context. Within teaching and learning contexts, this can take a variety of forms:


Peer to peer – teina teaches teina, tuakana teaches tuakana.
Younger to older – the teina has some skills in an area that the tuakana does not and is able to teach the tuakana.
Older to younger – the tuakana has the knowledge and content to pass on to the teina.
Able to less able – the learner may not be as able in an area, and someone more skilled can teach what is required.


It is an exciting year ahead for the Rangitoto Whānau.


Rangitoto Gallery