Whānau Members

Year 7

Room 32 Andy Hamilton

Room 28 David Acton

Room 30 Nadine Mackereth

Room 34 Hayley Carter

Year 8

Room 29 Mallory van Diepen

Room 31 Annabel Thorne

Room 33 Bo Ahn

Room 35 Vanessa Hancock

Inquiry Synopsis

How are relationships remarkable?

This year Kawarau Whānau are inquiring into the universal concept of relationships. Our universe is built on relationships. The relationships between and across humans, animals, our environment, and space is what connects us all. Our focus is on understanding relationships to enable individuals to become agents of positive change.


Kawarau Whānau is named after the Remarkables mountain range in the South Island. Kawa meaning pointed and rau meaning 100 or more; a range of 100 or more pointed peaks. A name whose meaning ties in well to our belief in community and working together to achieve that which we can not achieve on our own.


Generalisations to explore:
Term 1 : Relationships follow rules
Term 2 : Relationships are positive or negative
Term 3 : Relationships take many forms.
Term 4 : Relationships are essential for growth and survival