We are KAWARAU, the range of many points, rather than a lone mountain.


We are represented by slate, the colour of the mountain schist.


Our bird is the Kea and our charity is Keep New Zealand Beautiful.


Our whakatauki - Kia kotahi ai

'To be as one'


We are united - together we achieve what we cannot achieve on our own.


Whānau Members

Year 7

Room 32 Andy Hamilton

Room 28 Andy McEgan

Room 30 Sophie Zavaleta

Room 31 Tracy-Lee Dahlberg 

Year 8

Room 29 Nadine Mackereth

Room 34 Susan Naylor

Room 35 Alana Stewart


Universal Concept

This year Kawarau Whānau will be investigating the concept of 'Change'.


We will be investigating debatable truths, such as 'change is inevitable' and 'change occurs over time'. Our focus will be on looking at change in our own lives, in our communities and how, over time, change shapes the world around us.