We are AORAKI, the highest point in New Zealand.


We are represented by purple, the colour of the mountain lupins.


 Our bird is the Karearea, and our charity is Kidscan.


Our whakatauki - Matatuu Whakarewahia

'Reaching new heights'


We lift people up so that they can achieve their best - secure in who they are, as they strive to reach new heights.


Whānau Members

Year 7

Room 9 Mike Dibben

Room 11 Niranda Naidoo

Room 13 Megan Hoo

Room 14 Alana Stonex

Year 8

Room 10 Michael Greenwood

Room 12 Karen Woolridge

Room 15 Georgia Forman

Room 16 Olivia Penfold


Universal Concept

This year our Inquiry is focused on Systems. This will involve students exploring the concept and forming Big Ideas e.g.

Systems are everywhere.
Systems are made up of parts.
If one part of a system doesn't perform, the system is compromised.
Once students have explored the concept, the whānau will design learning opportunities to explore these Big Ideas.