Whānau Members

Year 7

Room 13 Jonathan McPhail

Room 14 Alana Burgess

Room 26 Sonya Koshy

Room 27 Nora Harrison

Year 8

Room 11 Alex Sharma

Room 12 Karen Woolridge

Room 24 Georgia McCombe

Room 25 Mike Dibben


Inquiry Synopsis

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw


Aoraki’s inquiry this year will centre around the universal theme of Change. This will begin with studying the recent history of Aotearoa New Zealand, centred around the Treaty of Waitangi. Integral to this will be attempting to look at historical details from multiple perspectives.


Change can produce a raft of emotions as it implies a different direction, an alteration or modification. The aim is to develop students’ concept of change. For example, is it inevitable?


Aoraki Whānau, through our year-long learning journey, will become students who are engaged in understanding the depth and complexity of the concept of change.


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