Syndicate Teachers

Room 25:  Mike Dibben (Lead Teacher)

Room 26: Tina McKenzie

Room 27:  Chia Mhawish

Room 24:  Georgia McCombe

Syndicate Goal

For students to grow as reflective, engaged, curious and successful learners.

Syndicate ALJ

Do all superheroes wear capes?

What is a hero/heroine?
What is heroism?
In what ways can people be heroic?


Throughout the year we will unpack this fertile question. We will look at heroes at a national and global level. We will ask ourselves what acts of 'heroism' can be performed every day to make the world a better place.


We will also look at heroes in literature - Maori myths and legends, for example.


Our Rich Task will include some element of being a hero/heroine, however small.