Syndicate Members

Room 20: Steve Harper-Travers (Lead Teacher)

Room 19:  Paul Knight 

Room 21:  Debbie Eagle

Room 22: Andrew McEgan


 Syndicate Goal

Our aim in Syndicate F is for students and teachers to work collaboratively in order to make the students effective 21st Century learners. Students will be encouraged to become critical thinkers in order to identify and analyse issues that affect them and the wider communities of which they are part.


Students will face challenges and are encouraged to work with a positive mindset, persistence and a willingness to support others in their learning. We will have high expectations that work and behaviour are of the highest standard and students will develop ways in which to constantly develop their own learning.

ALJ Synopsis

How can we walk the road less travelled?

Life often presents us with two directions - the easy path and the more challenging or the road less travelled.


Why do some people deliberately choose the more challenging path?

Why do some people have no choice but to face the challenging path?

What impact does this have on them and ourselves?

How can we start to make choices that others do not necessarily make, in order to make a difference?


If we are to make a difference in the world, we are going to have to begin to make some tough choices which may be challenging but ultimately rewarding.