Syndicate Members

Room 13: Jonathan McPhail (Lead Teacher)

Room 11:  Jessica Clayton

Room 12:  Meta Beukens

Room 14: Danyon Haskett

Syndicate Goal

 Syndicate E’s goal is to enable all of our people to work together to be the best we can be! Students, teachers, families and communities are so much stronger when they are connected by a learning journey that is challenging and yet encouraging, thoughtful and creative, fun and valuable… Building shared responsibility for not just our learning journey but also for our well being will be a significant focus that we we always try to weave into our daily lives.

ALJ Synopsis

How can we be agents of change?

Change can produce a raft of emotions as it implies a different direction, an alteration or modification - perhaps discomfort as it implies breaking away from traditions or routines…We need to understand that change is inevitable and to lessen any negative feelings towards change we must develop a growth mindset...We know that there are aspects of our world that need to change, must change, if we are to continue living a peaceful and healthy life. We know there must be some positive ACTION.


Syndicate E students, through their year long learning journey, will become agents - have agency - develop and appreciate the strength in having a growth mindset... and to see knowledge as the key to change for the greater good. To act and be AGENTS OF CHANGE.