Syndicate Members

Room 15:  Sonya Koshy (Lead Teacher)

Room 16:  Nora Harrison

Room 9:    Karen Woolridge

Room 10:  Donna Bowler

Syndicate Goal

Syndicate B aims to develop a collaborative team of teachers and students all working together to grow their knowledge and develop their learning.


As a Module 1 syndicate, our aim is to use the digital tools available to us in order to expand student's ideas and break down the "walls" in our classrooms. Our goal is to enable students to share their knowledge and skills, and work together to enhance their own understanding of the world they live in.


It is also our aim to grow responsible digital citizens who can operate with both skill and integrity in the digital world that is such a big part of, not only the world today, but also the world of their future.


We aim to develop young people who are articulate and confident learners, able to utilise and share all their skills and talents and who actively look for ways to develop and improve.

ALJ Synopsis

Can we really make a difference?

 What will you be known for when you leave this earth? The most influential people, the ones who leave behind incredible legacies, will live on in the hearts of the people they touch. Physically, they will no longer be a part of society - but their principles, philosophies and achievements will become immortal, spreading from generation to generation. This year, Syndicate B will explore the idea of leaving a ‘legacy’. What exactly is a ‘legacy’? How are we currently reaping the benefits (or disadvantages) of previous legacies others have left?, and what legacies can we leave that will benefit future generations and our planet? Along our journey, we will discover what it means to serve our community and how we as individuals can create legacies that will echo in eternity.