Syndicate Teachers:

Room 32:  Andy Hamilton (Lead Teacher)

Room 33: Alana Burgess

Room 34: Hayley Carter

Room 35: Vanessa Hancock

Syndicate Goal

Syndicate A’s aim is to create and maintain a classroom environment where every child is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential through authentic learning experiences.


We believe it is imperative to work collaboratively with students to establish an environment in which they feel that sharing ideas, exchanging information, valuing others’ opinions and where making mistakes and learning form these mistakes, is an integral part of the learning process. We aim to provide regular opportunities for the students to work together as it is our belief this helps them learn from each other, in addition to learning to understand that everyone has different points of views.

ALJ Synopsis

The future is calling, how will you answer?

Through our fertile question students will be guided to decide on, plan, and take effective action on sustainability issues that concern and motivate them. This action will be aimed at addressing the cause of the sustainability issue, and we aim to connect students’ experiences and growing understanding of the issue to achievable things they can do that will make a difference for a more sustainable future.

The action will have a direct impact on the natural environment to mitigate, remediate, resolve, or prevent harm to natural resources and ecosystems. Students will learn skills that will enable them to influence others into making decisions and choices that will result in people living and acting more sustainably.