Google Apps (excluding Sites):

Visit and select the products that contain the data you wish to save, most commonly for students these options include; Drive, Mail, Picasa Web Albums. Please note that you can click the small down arrow to the left of the checkmark box for some products to view more options.


When you are happy with your selections, press next.DSC04014

Make sure .zip is selected as your file type
Make sure 'Send download link via email' is selected under Delivery Method.
Click the Create archive button.


Google will now create a download archive of your selected files in the background, depending on the size of the archive, this may take some time. Don't worry about keeping the window open, or even leaving your computer on, this is a completely automatic process completed on the Google servers. You will be notified by email when it is completed.

When your email arrives, click on the 'Download archive' button and you will be taken to a page where your download should start automatically. The archive may be broken into several smaller files to make the download process easier.


Once the archive download is complete, you can extract the files and keep them locally, or upload the extracted documents to a new Google Account, keep in mind that the upload will take significantly longer than the download process.


You will have until November of 2023 to complete this process.


E-portfolio Transfers:

If you wish to use any of your Google Sites after leaving Somerville Intermediate, you must transfer them off of the school domain. You can tell where your sites are hosted by looking at the URL for your site, a Somerville site will start with;


You will need a second Google account to transfer your sites to, either a personal account or one provided to you by your next school.


Start by visiting and making sure you are logged in with your Somerville account, and your Somerville account only, you can check which accounts you are logged in with by clicking the icon at the top right of the page, for most people this will be a coloured circle with your first initial written in it, but a different picture may appear instead depending on any personal changes made to your account. If any other account names other than your Somerville account appear here, please sign out until only your Somerville account is logged in.


Now, in the list of sites available, click on the site you wish to transfer, then click the blue Share button.
On this page, type the email address of the account you wish to transfer your site to into the 'Invite people' box and make sure 'Is owner' is selected from the drop down box on the right.


Now, log out of your Somerville Google account by clicking on the icon at the top right of the screen and clicking 'Sign out'

Finally, login to the account you shared your site with and navigate back to The site you shared should now appear in the list, click on it. Once the page has loaded, at the top right click on the 'more actions' button and select 'manage site' from the dropdown box. Scroll down the page and click the 'Copy this Site' button.

Important: Under Site location, make sure the URL shows something other than, if it does include make sure you are logged in as the correct account.

Select a new name for your copied site, uncheck the 'Copy Site Collaborators' check box and then click the red 'Copy' button at the top of the page.

Your copied site should now be available from the page, you may wish to disable the sharing of the original site hosted with Somerville as both the original, and the copy will appear under your new account.