As part of our Year 8 EOTC programme, the students will attend an ‘Amazing Race’ day held out at Omana Regional Park. This had originally been planned for Term 2, however due to COVID 19, we had to cancel our original dates. We have have been fortunate enough to secure new dates for this experience in Week 9 of this term. 

The day consists of six team-based challenges that will involve various physical, mental and social skills. It promises to be a fun, challenging and possibly muddy day! We will be requiring a small number of parent helpers for each of the whānau trips to Omana. Your child’s whānau teachers will be in touch later in the term to let you know more.  In the meantime, the days that have been secured for the students are as follows:

Mon 14 September - Rangitoto whānau: Rms 8/10/16/18
Tue 15 September - Kawarau whānau: Rms 29/31/33/35
Wed 16 September - Aoraki whānau: Rms 11/12/24/25
Thu 17 September - Ruapehu whānau: Rms 1/5/20/21