The safety of our students is an ongoing concern for us. While the ultimate responsibility for the safety of students travelling to and from school lies with parents/caregivers, road safety is a partnership in which the school, students and you have a role to play.


The issue of safety is particularly important for schools around drop off and pick up times. At school we are placing a great deal of emphasis on safe pedestrian and safe cyclist practices.


Loop Road

School Drop Off/Pick Up Zone


To minimise the potential harm to students created by cars and buses competing for space, the Loop Road is closed between 7.45 - 8.45 am and 2.45 - 3.45 pm each day, except for buses, shuttles and students requiring assistance.


A safe alternative is for children to be dropped off and picked up in the vicinity of the school. To support safe drop off/pick up, please refer to the map below.



As you can see, there are several safe options for your child within close walking distance to the school.


If at all possible, parents should park cars on the school side of Meadowland Drive and Somerville Road to avoid the need for their children to cross the road. Please ensure students get out of the car on the curb side.



Students who bike to school are required to have a bike licence. This is issued when we receive written parental permission and confirmation that the student has a roadworthy bike and the necessary safety gear, and that they know the road code. Cyclists must wear a safety approved and well fitted helmet and are encouraged to wear high visibility vests. Bikes are not to be ridden in the school grounds. The police have advised us that our students must not ride on the footpath. We suggest that wherever possible, cyclists use the Meadowlands entrance to avoid Somerville Road where the traffic is travelling so much faster. If your child must cycle on Somerville Road, they need to be especially careful turning into the school and be alert to traffic coming from both directions, as well as, traffic turning into the school. Those using Meadowland Drive should exit the school via the walkway (walking their bikes) and use the crossing if they are heading up Meadowland Drive.


Thank you for helping to make the roads safer for our children!



Somerville Intermediate is a Travelwise school.


Travelwise is an innovative programme to make travel to and from school safer, healthier and fun!


The programme works with primary, intermediate and secondary schools to:

  • Encourage and increase the use of active travel modes and public transport.
  • Provide safer facilities for all road users.
  • Reduce congestion around schools.