School uniform helps students identify with their school and assists with the development of a corporate spirit. It also projects a positive image and develops pride in personal presentation.


At Somerville Intermediate, we encourage our students to take pride in themselves and their appearance, and to wear the correct school uniform within the approved guidelines.


A clear description of all uniform items is available at John Russell Schoolwear, 9 Moore Street, Howick.

Ph: 534 9373.


Only the official uniform will be acceptable and all uniform items must be in good condition.


Please contact your child's Deputy Principal if there is a hardship issue and support is required with uniform items.




Uniform Options


Students can wear uniform items from across the range of options available.

Naming of all items of uniform clothing is very important.





A white poly/cotton short-sleeved blouse, with McDonald tartan trim and the Somerville logo.

The blouse must be worn with the tartan skirt or skort.


A poly/wool lined McDonald tartan A-line skirt with two kick pleats in the front and one in the centre back. This skirt is to be worn below the knee.


Poly/wool lined McDonald tartan long shorts, that look like a skirt.


Navy polyester/viscose knee length shorts.


A poly/cotton light green button through short-sleeved shirt with the Somerville logo on the left hand pocket.


A wool/nylon full front zip long sleeved green cardigan with a thin red stripe around the wrist and lower band of cardigan. This cardigan can be worn open, fully or partially zipped. The Somerville logo is on the upper left hand side.


A wool/nylon v-necked long-sleeved green jumper, with red stripe trim around the collar and Somerville logo on the upper left chest. 


Knee length white socks or plain black opaque stockings (no footless tights) to be worn with tartan skirt or skort.

Knee length navy socks with red and green stripe at top to be worn with navy shorts.

All knee length socks are expected to be worn pulled up.

Sports Top

A Dryweave breathable sports fabric - red V-necked top, with bottle green and navy blue coloured side splits, Somerville logo on the upper left hand side. Somerville printed on the back.

Sports Shorts

Gathered navy blue knee length shorts in Dryweave breathable sports fabric.


Navy blue bucket hat with the Somerville logo on the front.

The hat must be worn in Terms 1 and 4 and when outside for extended periods.


Additional Winter Uniform Options


Taslon sport style in school colours are available to purchase from John Russell Schoolwear.

The jackets are intended for purchase in addition to the school cardigan and jersey, if required.


Long sleeve white shirt with the Somerville logo.


Long poly/wool navy trousers with the Somerville label. 







Plain black flat sandals. These are recommended in Terms 1 and 4 due to the heat. 


These styles are appropriate:

Roman sandals Black velcro sandals 2 images images 2


These styles are not appropriate:

non apropriate girls summer




Buckle / velcro strap (no elastic straps) or black leather lace up shoes. 

(Flat/pump/slip-on/ballet style/sports styles and skate shoes are not permitted).


These styles are appropriate:

uniform Shoes girls 

uniform Shoes boys


 These styles are not appropriate:


non apropriate girls winter

no shoes boys



Please note: Sports shoes can be worn, and are encouraged when taking part in sport, however, they are not to be worn with the formal uniform.




Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied back. Hair must be away from the face. Extreme hair styles and unnatural colour are not permitted. This includes colour rinses, patches and streaks of colour. This also includes hair shaved extremely short at the sides and any cut ins.


Hair ties should match the school uniform colours as much as possible and should be small and plain. Hair ties should not be worn on their wrist during the school day.



Only a wristwatch may be worn. Students with pierced ears may wear one small plain, silver or gold, stud in each ear lobe.


Make up

Make up is not permitted. Nail polish, if worn, must be colourless.


Arriving at and Leaving School

Correct school uniform is to be worn to and from school. Students should not be arriving at school or leaving school in their sports uniform, unless they have been instructed to do so. This includes students leaving during the school day.


Non-Uniform Items

We all have items that are special to us, but these should only be worn outside of school. These include gifts from family members, friendship bracelets, and any other items that are not part of our school uniform. In rare situations, there may be an item your child wears for cultural or religious reasons, that they are not allowed to take off during school hours. In this case, they will need to apply for a uniform pass from one of the Deputy Principals. The application form is also available from the school office.


Non School Uniform Days

From time to time non school uniform days are held at school. We appreciate parents' support in ensuring that appropriate clothing is worn on these days.


The guidelines for non school uniform days are as follows:

  • School appropriate clothing i.e.
    • tidy clothes
    • no midriff or low cut/shoe string tops and very short skirts or shorts
    • no inappropriately worded clothing
    • no makeup or jewellery.
  • No hair dye. If hair is shoulder length or longer it must be tied up.
  • If the student has a tech class on the day, they will need to have closed in footwear.
  • Non school uniform sports gear will also be required.


Second Hand Uniform

We take pride in the manner in which our students wear their uniform and present themselves. If you are purchasing second hand uniform items from online sellers, could you please ensure the items are part of our current uniform, and are unstained and in good repair. Avoid items with frayed collars, holes, or discolouration. If you are purchasing a second hand optional school jacket, please ensure the Somerville Intermediate lettering screen printed on the back has not partially or fully peeled off.


We have a limited supply of second hand uniform available throughout the year, between 3.00 and 3.30 pm Monday to Friday, at the school office. This service is not available during school hours, unless by prior arrangement.



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