Students are required to travel directly to and from school each morning and afternoon. They may not stop at shops on their way.

School Bus

The Ministry of Education provides free bus transport to students living more than 4.8km from their nearest full primary or intermediate school. These services cover Clifton Rd, Potts Rd, Trig Rd and Broomfields. Children who live within the Beachlands/ Maraetai School zones are not entitled to travel on the free Ministry buses and must organise alternative transport.


Go Bus (through Auckland Transport) operates the school services local to the school and are available on a user pays basis. For information about AT HOP cards, click here. There are four bus routes in the morning and five routes in the afternoon. Please use the AT website using the link below to check the best bus for your child. For more information on current Somerville Intermediate School bus routes:

  1. Open the Journey Planner
  2. Enter where you are travelling "FROM" and "TO" (i.e. address or name of your school).
  3. Enter the time you would like to travel.
  4. Select the date of an upcoming school day.
  5. Click the "Advanced" button.
  6. Under "Transport Mode" click the check box for "School Bus".
  7. Click the "Search" button.

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The roads around Somerville Intermediate school are extremely busy and hazardous to cyclists. Parents are to take responsibility for allowing their child to cycle to school. Please provide a note to school if your child is to cycle. Students must wear a helmet and should know the road code. Bicycles at school are left at the owner's risk.



Road Safety

We ask that parents model aspects of road safety:

  • In the way they use and respect pedestrian crossings.
  • In the manner in which they park.
  • In the way they use the loop road in front of the school.