On Tuesday 19th September, Somerville Intermediate hosted its first-ever ‘Thorminator’ Challenge.

During this event, students from various whānau across the school came together to collaborate and work on an age-old problem. Divided into groups of civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and forensic engineers, students were challenged to construct and test a protective nest for an egg. They then got to test their efforts with the use of the 20kg ‘Thorminator’ hammer. Students not only gained a profound appreciation for engineering functions but also developed a genuine excitement for the world of tools and problem-solving.

The fusion of education and fun during this challenge is a testament to the benefits of the partnerships between industries and schools and the opportunities they provide. This fantastic experience was made possible by Scott McGovern from Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, MESNZ (Maintenance and Engineering Society NZ), and Joel Leonard from Makesboro USA. Thank you for giving some of our students a learning experience they will forever cherish and remember.