Three Somerville Intermediate bands rocked and rolled at the Rockshop BandQuest on Saturday 26 August.

The event took place at the Dorothy Winstone Centre at Auckland Girl's Grammar, with our bands competing against over a dozen incredibly talented bands from schools all across the Manukau region. Somerville Intermediate had a whopping 27 students perform!

The Blue Wave were our first Somerville band to perform, and had the large audience clapping from the start of their K-Pop inspired set. The mc’s and judges all commented on the strong rhythms the band created, and how well it complimented the harmonies of the three singers (Elena, Vanessa and Yoon) who won the Best Vocalist award.



The Final 9 performed soon after. Their original song called “Boss Fight”, which was written by their keyboard player Miren, was a standout and was a hit with the audience. The big reaction from the crowd inspired the band’s vocalists to jump off the stage mid-set to run through the auditorium to high five the crowd! The band’s saxophone player (Nathan) took out the Musicianship award.



The Generation Of Tomorrow were our third band and delivered a polished, high energy rock set. The band did such a great job of their cover of the song 'Run' by Kiwi legends Shihad, that the stage crew even live streamed their performance with Shihad themselves! It was a buzz for the band to know that they even impressed the famous, original composers! The Generation Of Tomorrow won the Rock Star Style award for their audience participation.



Besides the amount of great feedback and awards, students from Somerville Intermediate also won praise for the way they supported bands from other schools. There were lots of our Somerville students who were exhausted at the end of the night from dancing, to support the other bands.

It was an amazing night with our Somerville students absolutely glowing after their performances. Our students truly did our school proud.