This year, 26 Somerville Intermediate gymnasts qualified to represent Somerville at Waitakere on Friday 11 August. All of the competitors attended Sunday training sessions at Howick Gymnastics Club, as well as attending before school and lunchtime training. Some of us were also included in the Moana production, meaning it was a very busy time!


The Year 7 and 8 girls did exceptionally well. The Year 7 team was made up of Autumn A, Ava D, Renee N and Rose v A. They came away with a team silver medal and as an individual, Autumn A came in 6th place! 

The Year 8 gymnasts also did amazingly with Team 1 (Violet P, Olivia A, Jessica Y, and Olivia P-G) also coming away with a silver medal. As an individual, Violet P claimed 4th place! The second team also performed superbly well with Rivyn B, Ayla A, Annabelle C and Shreya C placing fourth! Israa A also competed as an individual in the Year 8 category and she demonstrated her skills really well!

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The Year 7 and Year 8 boys competed well at the Auckland Champs Gymnastics competition held on Friday 11 August. After a 10 minute warm up, the competition started with the vault. The boys then moved on to the floor, where everyone tried their hardest. The final apparatus was the parallel bars. The bar routine was really challenging, particularly as the boys had to learn it on the day and luckily no one made any mistakes. At the end of the competition, the boys were amazed that the Somerville teams came in first place and fifth place and Bevan W came in 2nd place in the individual category.


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In the afternoon category, competitive gymnasts from across Auckland met and displayed their skills in a more relaxed environment than their standard competitions. They enjoyed being able to choose some of the apparatus that they competed on. There were some outstanding results with all four boys coming away with medals.


Overall, every gymnast had an exceptional time representing Somerville and the Year 7’s are looking forward to doing it again next year! 

We would like to acknowledge Quinley L (Team 1 Year 7 and 8 boys) and Hayley G (Competitive Step 4) who had qualified for the Auckland Champs but were unable to compete on the day.