On Wednesday 31 August, nine students represented Somerville at the morning Auckland heat for the annual Kids' Lit Quiz.

This was held at St Cuthbert’s College over a period of three hours, with over fifty teams entered. There were ten themed rounds to the quiz, and Quizmaster Wayne Mills lived up to his reputation by asking very challenging questions. Tricky categories included Clocks, Nicknames and Beverages. 

Thank you to Amber, Ascari, Irene, Ivan, Mia, Neha, Nimrat, Rick and Sophie. They were great ambassadors for our school and their knowledge of all things books was truly amazing. A special thank you to Mr Dibben for coming with us on the day and supporting the teams. Everyone had prepared long and hard for this big day, spending weekly morning teas practising and reading as much as they could in their spare time. We were very proud of their efforts and everyone had a fantastic day.