Monday 22 August was an exciting morning for many, and especially for the students chosen to represent their whānau in the APPA Rehu Tai Festival of Oral Language, School final.

The overarching theme was 'Discover' and the range of subjects that the students came up with to speak about was impressive - from Archimedes' accidental discoveries through 'discovery of purpose', to colonisation, and many other points in between!

Every student in the school has participated in the 'Rehu Tai Festival', researching and creating all manner of subjects to present in their classes. Speaking in front of your peers and receiving feedback is not easy and the children have learned a great deal about how to go about this. Those chosen to represent their whānau were : 

Kate McC, Arush G, Harvey P, Suzanne G, Neha B, Tarek G, Sophie B, Mishka M, Levi S, Jasneet B, Olivia M, Inaaya D, Milica D and Zane R. 

Congratulations to the winners of the competition: 

Prepared Speech: Kate McC
Flashtalk: Milica D
Spoken Word: Inaaya D
Rap: Zane R-F



Congratulations also to everyone involved and much appreciation to the teachers and family members who have supported their students throughout the experience.