The NIWA STEM Fair is an amazing opportunity for our students who were judged as having the top STEAM/Science Fair projects in our school to showcase their talent and enthusiasm for science, and to gain recognition for their excellence and innovation.

Our students can be very proud of their achievements and as a school community we want to congratulate them on making it to the NIWA competition and for being such amazing ambassadors for Somerville. Thanks to the teachers and parents who supported them along the way. 

Years 7 & 8 Living World
Mayin L - Volting Growth: 2nd Place
Tanvi L - Helping the Hurt of Hearing: Highly Commended
Amber S - Can You Create a Mental Picture? Highly Commended
Connor S - Does He See What Eye See? Highly Commended

Years 7 & 8 Physical and Material World
Paige Mcl-R - Reno Power: 1st Place

Years 7 & 8 Environmental Science
Ayan S - HAIR Matters: 1st Place
Harvey P - Avoiding a Cat-astrophe: 2nd Place
Chloe R - Ocean Acidification: 3rd Place
Thomas McL - e Waste: A Golden Opportunity: Highly Commended
Arush G - Bacteria in our Beaches: Highly Commended

Years 7 - 13 Consumer Science
Isaac K and Jonathan P - Rain or no Rain: 1st Place
Riley S - Hand Sanistiser-Are the Brands Telling the Truth: 2nd Place
Lana H - Water: Filter or Faucet: 3rd Place

Years 7 - 10 Technology/Innovations
Irene A - Glaucoma: The S”eye”lent Killer: 1st Place
Louis Z - Milk TEES: Biodegradable Golf Tees: 2nd Place
Milica D - MD-1 Tidal Turbine Let’s Drive In: 3rd Place equal

Special Awards
The IET Jnr Innovation Award: Louis Z   
Best Project with Sociological Application: Amber S
Best Soil Science Related Project: Mayin L
NZ Heritage Award: Harvey P

Best Year 7 Innovation, Invention, or Investigation:
Paige Mcl-R

Best Year 8 Innovation, Invention, or Investigation
Ayan S

Premier Award for Best Exhibit of the Fair:
Ayan S