On 22 June, the Kapa Haka group, Adam Ward, Alana Stonex and Carolyn Pou (Whaea Carolyn) travelled to Matariki Whare for the purpose of learning about our local iwi and the history of the area.

It was also an opportunity to strengthen the bond between Somerville Intermediate and the Marae.

The Kapa Haka group started the day with a Powhiri. The students were then organised into two groups. They spent time with Whaea Tiani to learn about the Marae and Matariki. All of the students were asked to introduce themselves and many remembered their pepeha and were able to share it with the group. They learnt about the seven tribes and where the lands of each tribe are currently located. They also heard the story of Matariki and the stars in the constellation.

Students also spent time in the museum to learn about the seven waka that came to New Zealand and the history of our local iwi Ngai Tai, and how they came to be located in East Auckland and in Opotiki. They enjoyed a small bush walk in the beautiful reserve behind the wharenui to learn about some of the native trees and plants, especially the kawa kawa plant which the students learned has many medicinal properties and tastes a bit like pepper.

The Kapa Haka group showed their appreciation for the visit by performing two items. These were really well received and all of the leaders at the marae complimented the behaviour and knowledge of our students.