It is with great pride and pleasure that I announce the UKA 2022 [Undercover Kindness Agency] is being launched at Somerville.


Agents you will be completely inspiring!  To hear of your desire to genuinely want to make a positive difference without acknowledgement or reward is inspirational.  You will discover the great power of kindness and the difference it makes in you as the provider and in those who receive it.


When I look at the difficulties people in our country and across the world are grappling with, it underlines the incredible importance of kindness.  I believe kindness can change lives, impact communities and ultimately change the world.  True kindness is understanding that a word of encouragement or a small act of selflessness can make a huge difference. This is the work of the UKA and its agents.  


A special thank you to Kelly Taylor who is the brains of this operation.  She has developed secret missions, agent files and a bar code system to record attendance and completion of missions.  You are in many ways the heart and soul of this organisation and an inspiration to us all.

Kindness; it costs nothing but means everything!


Chris Hall

Deputy Principal

Somerville Intermediate