Madagascar was a huge success! The cast’s singing, acting and dancing was truly remarkable. 

We were delighted in how the cast truly rose to the occasion and their talents really came to the fore during the shows, much to the appreciation of the audience.  The whole cast mastered their roles from the largest to the smallest parts - they all shone! It was lovely to see how they delighted in the audience response to their performance. 

Having the whole school involved was no small task. Teachers organised the students into choreographed dancing lines for the major dancing numbers during the show. The gymnasium was filled with comical swinging steaks, a huge conspiracy of lemurs, a troop of African dancers and a stampede of very cute animals. 

This production has provided true and authentic learning in many different ways for our students. From the student choreographers who planned for months, to the lighting and sound students who took on the responsibility of ensuring that the show ran smoothly from the sound box. Prop making students worked on the steaks and the many props needed throughout the show. Students were backstage organising cues and ensuring whānau got to the dances on time. There were many opportunities for student leadership in all the different aspects of our production. 

We would like to thank all of the Somerville community who supported and made our production such a huge success. Without your support it would not have been possible.