On Thursday and Friday last week, our gymnasium was transformed into an exciting array of science shows, displays and activities.

All the students who visited the roadshow had so much fun and enjoyed all the interactive learning experiences. They learnt so many science skills and concepts along the way. The displays showcased a range of over 60 hands-on exhibits grouped under the following six themes:
Electricity — Te Hiko, Fair Tests — Ngā Whakamātau Tika, Flight Lab — Taiwhanga Rere, Human Performance — Mahi Tangata, Light — Te Aho, Magnetism — Te Autō.

The 2 shows were very entertaining:
Experimenting! — He Whakamātau! and Up, down, all around — Ki runga, ki raro, hurinoa. The explosive gases were particularly entertaining as was the fire tornado.



One of the Year 8 explainers, Lochlan Moon, has this to say about the Roadshow: “It was an amazing experience seeing all of the students giving the interactive activities a go and having so much fun at the same time.”

Some Year 7 reflections:

My favourite part about the science roadshow was all of the awesome experiments that they did! I liked this because it taught us an amazing and fun way of learning science and exploring different things and experiments - Lexi Anson

The most exciting thing about the Science Roadshow was the fire tornado and learning so many different things about science. All the other experiments were so cool. I loved the one where the skeleton appeared from the chair when the light was on because of the mirror - Cooper Wallace

My favourite part was when they put hydrogen or helium in the balloon and lit it up - Louis Zhao

My favourite part was when they lit a balloon with hydrogen inside it gave a heat wave and a big bang - Aden Lee

It was a fantastic way to learn about SCIENCE! I absolutely loved the hard work they put into making the stalls so attractive and easy to understand. Each stall taught you something new and all the experiments or investigations had really cool prototypes we could also engage with. The show they did was just 'out of this world' and was a very cool way to teach us about different gases and why we need them. It was truly AWESOME! - Saamya Sandal

Thanks so much to all the parents who assisted us during the day. We value your ongoing support.