The Girls Cricket Festival was held on Friday 19 March, at Lloyd Elsmore, hosted by Howick and Pakuranga Cricket Club.

A big thank you to Francis (General Manager of HPCC) and Mathew (Club Coordinator) for the skill session and umpiring of games.  Also thank you to the Somerville parent/caregiver community for their support and supervision

Six teams were formed including 48 of our Somerville girls who took part in an introduction to cricket, with a skills session that focussed on fielding, striking and bowling.  The teams then split-off to 3 ovals, of T10 cricket.

For many of the girls it was their chance to put their newly developed skills into practice during a game format. The day also allowed for the girls who were more confident to shine and help others around them, to develop a love of the game.

The feedback from the majority of the 48 girls was that the day was fun and challenging at the same time. The biggest challenge for a few, is that some of the games went for an hour of play, proving that cricket is not only a game of skill but also mental toughness, especially in the wonderful summer conditions.

Somerville Girls look forward to returning to another festival in 2022.