Last Friday afternoon saw an epic Whānau chant competition and Whānau tug of war challenge.

Each Whānau took their turn to share their chant with the rest of the school. The judges had an extremely difficult time deciding who had taken out ‘best chant’.  After much deliberation, Aoraki were crowned chant champions!

An inter-whānau tug of war competition followed with 8 female and 8 male students [4 in each year level] making up the teams. This competition was fiercely contested, with all participants giving everything they had in the pursuit of victory. Finally Ruapehu emerged as worthy champions!  

In a surprising twist to end this amazing afternoon, a teacher tug of war took place. Ruapehu and Rangitoto combined to take on Aoraki and Kawarau. In what some have now labelled the ‘upset of the century’, a fired up Aoraki/Kawarau team finally overwhelmed the much fancied Ruapehu/Rangitoto combination.

An epic afternoon, incredible chants, amazing grit and determination and an upset for the ages. What more could you ask for!