This year has been a challenging year for our wearable artists, but this has not stopped them from achieving outstanding results in the New Zealand Showquest Wearable Arts competition, that was held online this year. 

Morgan Alley with her creation titled 'Piwakawaka Are you a Fan?' achieved second place nationally. The judges loved her colour palette and her strong sculptural focus. They thought her garment was well thought through from head to toe.

Somerville achieved three national finalist placings: 

'Our Birds of Paradise' by Kayleigh Thistlethwaite is a garment centred around using aluminium cans and was about New Zealand's native wildlife and showing off the beautiful colours that are found in our country. Kayleigh spent hours sewing cut cans into a gorgeous skirt and creating accessories to match.

'Utopia versus Dystopia' is a garment created by Maddy Owen, Mya Booth and Bhavya Madan. This garment showed how we have created devastation to our seas by contrasting a utopian sea against a polluted sea. The result was a striking and inventive - garment complete with an octopus head piece.

'Food for Thought, Honey Bees and Flower Power'
by Gabriella Dalton Wilson.
This is a garment was made from old egg cartons, milk bottles and food scrubbing brushes. Her commentary on the importance of honey bees is clear to see in her garment and was well liked by the judges.

As well as national finalists, Somerville had three highly commended garments. They were:

'Bed and Breakfast' by Nathaniel Dalton Wilson
'Pacific Scream' by Die-Anche Rautenbach
'Morpho Butterfly'
by Amelia Higson, Natalie Dennison and Keira McGrath

All students who took part this year in our wearable arts are to be commended for their resilience, creativity and high levels of self motivation. The community can look forward to seeing all garments on display at our Somerville Arts and Cultural evening.