The Somerville Cross Country run was held on Wednesday 5 August.

The weather was warm and sunny, providing conditions suitable for many of our students to complete the course. Congratulations to all our students who achieved ‘Personal Bests’.  

The place getters for the day will have the opportunity to compete for a place on the South Eastern Zone team. 

Cross Country Results:

Year 7 Girls

1st - Taylah Byers
2nd - Isabelle Preisig
3rd - Gabrielle Dalton-Wilson
4th - Sandra Thompson
5th - Micaela Besley
6th - Brooke Carpenter
7th - Karli Geyser
8th - Holly Van der Mescht
9th - Holly Wong
10th - Merissa Leon


Year 7 Boys

1st - Liam Bevitt
2nd - Finn Murphy
3rd - Logan Ball
4th - Tanish Naidoo
5th - Noah Singh
6th - Samuel Asiata
7th - Nathan Martin
8th - Everest Grant
9th - Hayden Antunes
10th - Mason Bray


Year 8 Girls

1st - Sienna Pauling
2nd - Zoe Brazier
3rd - Mae Reynolds
4th - Ashley Fillet
5th - Olivia Bates
6th - Hope Zhang
7th - Monique Pulley
8th - Helena Dunn
9th - Molly Todd
10th - Cassidy Christianson-Sparks


Year 8 Boys

1st - Khavin Kannan
2nd - Finn Wessels
3rd - Christofell Greyling
4th - Spencer Carr
5th - Zach Reynolds
6th - Levi Saunders
7th - Tyler Cagiano
8th - Nathan Cox
9th - Jordan Fox
10th - Lachlan Taylor