On Monday the 22nd of July, the Year 7 Travelwise Monitors went out onto Somerville road with Auckland Transport and a speed checking gun to check that all drivers were driving at the correct speed.


How we used the Speed Gun:
All Monitors had at least 3 or 4 turns at using the Speed gun. By doing this we would simply hold down the bright orange trigger and then aim at the car by following it down the road. The speed the driver was going flashed on the screen and we recorded them.


Our results: (Speed limit = 40km per hour during school hours)
The highest speed recorded was 62km which resulted as 12 kilometres over the speed limit.
Our lowest speed recorded was 16km, thank you, driver, for keeping all students safe.

When we were checking the speed, we noticed that as soon as the drivers saw us they immediately slowed down although they were driving much faster before they saw us. When we moved up near the slope we observed that they were a lot faster including a few that even went over 60 Kilometres per hour! Many of the drivers were within the speed limit but we still saw driver's much over the school hours speed limit (40km), even when we were barely 10 metres away from the school which is concerning as this could be endangering our fellow students.


Overall all Travelwise Monitors enjoyed the experience. And we can’t wait for the next morning duty.


Thank you to Miss Carter for organising this event.


Reported by Ayaan Lambert and Krysten Kan


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