EPRO8 Inter Whānau Competition


The EPRO8 Inter Whānau Competition was held on Monday 22 June: 10.00 am - 1.00 pm.


It involved teams competing to build large sized structures, solve practical problems, engineer using pulleys, motors, gears, wheels and axles, invent machines that can complete simple tasks, undertake unusual and fun experiments, construct basic electronic circuits and solve interesting problems using practical maths. Each whānau entered 12 students - three teams to compete against the other whānaus.


Each team of four was based at a workstation containing an impressive assortment of easy to use parts and equipment.

Teams chose the challenges they wished to undertake. The harder the challenge, the more points it was worth. There was not enough time to finish all the challenges - so strategy was required to know which ones to go for.


When teams completed a challenge they pushed the "Big Red Button" to be judged and scored.