Crime Prevention and Health & Safety Cameras                                               

This notice is to keep the community informed about the operation and purpose of the security camera system.


The area is marked with signs displaying, "Surveillance cameras in use".

The purpose of the cameras is to deter, or to provide means of immediate detection of, criminal offences committed on the school site or any activity that may pose a health and safety risk.

The initiative is intended to improve safety and security at Somerville Intermediate School where vandalism has been found to be a problem.


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The security project is under the control of the Somerville Intermediate Board of Trustees and the cameras are being monitored at Somerville Intermediate. Only the Principal or personnel, and persons authorised by the Principal, will have access to the monitors or the recordings that are made. Cameras will record for various periods depending on their location. Footage will be stored for up to six months.

There will be annual evaluation of the operation and effectiveness of the camera system.

Camera operation is being carried out in accordance with the Privacy Commissioner: ‘Privacy and CCTV: A guide to the Privacy Act for businesses, agencies and organisations’ guidelines.’


If you have any questions about the Somerville Intermediate security cameras please contact the School Principal.


Somerville Intermediate Board of Trustees