What is a Community of Learning (CoL)?

Communities of Learning (CoL) are groups of schools that come together to raise achievement for students. This is achieved by sharing expertise in teaching and learning, supporting each other and working together to make students' journeys from Primary through to Secondary school easier. 


Students will benefit from the collaboration of teachers across schools and the sharing of best practice. Shared goals for the CoL, based on students' educational needs across the schools, would further support students' learning, mean more consistency for students and ensure smoother transitions for students between schools.


A CoL will also build on the other collaborative initiatives, such as the current Science focus cluster lead by Somerville.

There are seven schools in our CoL:

  • Somerville Intermediate School

  • Cockle Bay Primary
  • Shelly Park Primary
  • Point View Primary School
  • Willowbank Primary School
  • Howick College
  • Botany Downs Secondary College 

Student Voice from our CoL

Here are the benefits to being part of a Community of Learning that students from our schools can see.

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