Year 7

Term 1: Somerville/Virtues Unit

Term 2: Power to be me

Term 3: Keeping Ourselves Safe

Term 4: Positive Puberty

Year 8

Term 1: Digital Citizenship

Term 2: Power to be me/Resilience

Term 3: Hauora/Wellbeing

Term 4: Careers



Life Education Sessions during lockdown

We were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity of Life Education running some online sessions for our students. These sessions were offered to all students (Year 7 and 8).


Initial Focus Questions:

What is stress, and how can it affect us?

Students explore the concept of stress, and what it means for them. What causes stress, and how can we overcome it?


What makes our brain the control centre for our bodies?

Students will learn about the brain and its function, and discover why and how our brains control our bodies.


How can we deal with change?

Examine the concept of change and how it makes us feel. Students discuss and develop strategies to cope with changing circumstances.


Key topics covered for all students:

Brain Development in relation to Managing Stress and Building Resilience

Mindfulness and Mental Wellbeing focus


All students covered:

PACE (countdown clock acronym to help remember the strategies for calming down)

E: Energy - are our basic fuel needs met - sleep, food and most importantly water!

C: Clear and Calm - Mindful Breathing - we learn what the diaphragm is and how controlling our breathing can help activate our prefrontal cortex

A: Active - we need to move our body to release our feel good hormones

P: Positive Process - Mindset is extremely important during this time so we have to check our thoughts - how are we talking to ourselves during this time - negative talk leads to negative feelings.


Year 7s:

Explore how to move into our upstairs brain by being a FRIEND. This acronym will help students identify when they are stressed/anxious and help us process any worries we have.


Year 8s:

Now look at how to be a BOUNCER - these are strategies to help us minimise the likelihood of staying in Amy when we are worried or stressed.