This amazing engineering challenge was in our school gymnasium. The students had various challenges that they had to solve: A Ball Pit, an Elevator, a Rat Wheel and a Thunderstorm.

We would like to congratulate all our teams on their amazing technical, collaborative, critical thinking, creativity and engineering skills. The challenges lasted three hours, so the teams also had to have plenty of perseverance. All our students did so well and we are very proud of them.

There were 12 teams from different schools competing each evening. Our teams were:

The AI’s: Ethan O’Meara, Kieran Gawn, Benjamin Kee, Kishan Harry
Newton’s Apples: Caitlyn Blaauw, Kate Baxter, Selina Li, Kayan Lawyer
The Best Team: Emily Stark, Nicole Lin, Gurman Garg, Amy Zhang
Potato Squad: Yunmin Lee, Krish Tagra, Emily Shen, Valerie Perez
Galileo Galilei’s: Hunter Brown, Hadley Thompson, Alan Yang, Phoenix Thong
Super Squad: Nathan Cox, Annabelle Olsen, Rueben Martin, Kevin Yu


All our teams did very well and showed such amazing skills and sportsmanship. It was a fun evening for all the contestants, as well as for the parents and teachers. Thanks to everyone who came to support our teams.


A special congratulations to The AI’s and The Best Team who both came 1st on their respective evenings. We now look forward to them competing in the finals series starting in November and wish both teams the best of luck!