On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week our gym was transformed into an exciting array of science shows, displays and activities.

All the students who visited the roadshow had so much fun and enjoyed all the interactive learning experiences.

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The displays showcased aspects of Forces (Ngā tōpana), Comparisons (Ngā whakatauritenga), Observations using measurements (Te mātakitaki mā te ine), Patterns, grouping, classification (He tauira, he whakarōpu, he kōmakatanga), Materials (Ngā matū) and Models (He tauira). One of the favourites was the bubble exhibit where the studentsbecame enclosed in a life-size bubble.

The two shows were very entertaining. “On the Move” showcased the principles of force and movement where a rocket was shot off and the students learned some interesting facts about gravity, and “Elemental Chemistry” where they saw that when different metals were burnt their flames were different colours.


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Leo Mamedov, one of the Year 8 explainers has this to say about the Roadshow:

“My favourite part was getting to know more people in our school and also meeting some professional scientists that study different things, like Linden, who studies the ocean. I took my role of keeping students safe on the bed of nails really seriously as I did not want anyone getting hurt”.


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Thanks so much to all the parents who assisted us during the day. We value your ongoing support.