Our Wearable Arts Showcase is fast approaching, and we are about to begin rehearsing and pulling all of our many participating students’ efforts together, to create our showcase.

This unique experience will celebrate how our students have worked together and really taken ownership of this project. We are looking forward to sharing our creations within the community and to share our vision of celebrating cultural diversity through the wearable arts.


Tickets are available through Eventbrite under the name “Wear the World 2019”. Please click here to purchase tickets. We have already sold out of our very much sought after VIP tickets where patrons will be treated to a cake, tea and coffee and an up close and personal experience of this experience. Please ensure you get your tickets to ensure you don’t miss out.


Prizes will be awarded into two sections; one being the younger years five and six entries, and the other being the more senior years, seven and eight entries. We are fortunate enough to have been able to be sponsored by various businesses and organisations within the community. The rich nature of this project will provide students and the audience a rewarding celebration of efforts and a chance to support our school values and students' efforts over the last two terms.