Our annual Girls Breakfast held on the 10th May this year was once again a huge success.

As it is held just before Mothers Day, we dedicated the morning to the beautiful strong women in our girls’ lives. This special occasion gives the girls the opportunity to sit down and have breakfast with a significant female in their lives.

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This year’s theme was sustainability and we attempted to have a plastic free occasion by using plates and utensils made from sustainable resources. The groups of children did a fabulous job with the tables they decorated, which were stunning.

Special thanks to our guest speaker, Jazz Thornton. Jazz has dedicated her life to speaking hope and creating change in the area of mental health through her organization, “Voices of Hope.” Her unique experience and practical message has gained worldwide recognition, being shared through media, international speaking engagements and now through a new feature documentary film. Jazz inspired our young ladies to meet their challenges head-on and shared some strategies to overcome them.

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Thank you to all our female staff who worked together and produced a sumptuous buffet for the ladies to enjoy. They were also at school very early that morning, displaying what it means to be of service to others.


A special thanks to the Indian Kitchen for donating vouchers for our lucky prize draws at the event.

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to all the mums, aunties and grandmothers who attended our Girls Breakfast and making this annual event a very memorable occasion for our girls.