Year 7 Girls

On Wednesday 6th March, 11 Year 7 girls competed in the SEZ girls softball competition. The team consisted of Charlotte Lindsay, Rochelle Christie, Addison Doeg, Molly Todd, Zoe Brazier, Alana Wilson, Charlotte Radford, Sierra Lau'ese, Holly Welham and Monica John.


We had a challenging start to the day with our first game against Sir Edmund Hillary, resulting in a loss of 8-2. However, this only motivated us to do better for our following game; the next being against Bucklands Beach Intermediate. We had a great comeback, winning this game 15-0. Our next game was against the skilled St John team. Our girls played some great defence with accurate throws and catches but unfortunately came away with a loss of 3-0. Our final game in the pool was against Howick and the girls came away with a successful win 7-0.

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In the final round robin we came up against Howick again and the girls gave it all they had, coming away with an amazing final score of 15-1. This put us third on the table overall, out of 7 schools.


I would like to acknowledge and thank the girls for showing amazing sportsmanship and pushing themselves to be better after each game. You motivated and encouraged each other and represented the school so well. I am extremely proud by all of you!


Year 8 Girls 

The 2019 Year 8 girls softball team displayed great motivation and sportsmanship at the South Eastern Zone competition held on 6th March. The talented team was made up of Shayla Nepia, Mackenzie Bray, Janelle Puletiuatoa, Mia Petford, Navaeh Ormsby, Olivia Taylor, Bella Lonie, Lucy Lonie, Tiana Coutts, Danielle Asiata, and Millie Belcher. They only had a few practices under their belt before the competition, but they showed fantastic skill and fortitude when playing some very challenging teams. The girls can be commended for not only their great performance at the softball tournament (third!) but also their fantastic team spirit. They showed great support for not only their own team mates, but those they played against.

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The day began with a shaky loss of 8-3 against Howick Intermediate, which was soon forgotten after an 8-5 win against Farm Cove Intermediate. Their biggest challenge came next, as they played the very skilled and well-prepared Redoubt North team. As there was not enough time to close the 4th inning of the game, Redoubt North lost the runs they’d earned towardsthe end of the game, taking the score back to 1-0 to Somerville! The girls took this victory graciously, and prepared for their final game, under the calm guidance ofstudent coach Shayla Nepia.


The final game of the day was a well-matched game against Bucklands Beach Intermediate, resulting in a score of 5-4 to Somerville. This put us in 3rd place (out of 9 teams) at the competition. All the girls played well, with special mention going to Jonelle for doing an excellent job pitching, and Olivia Taylor demonstrating excellent batting skills.


This team were a pleasure to work with!


Year 7 Boys

Year 7 Team
Lennox Tau (Captain), Aaron Blanco-Coronado, Oliver Tucker, Ryda Davis, Nathan Taplin, Finn Wessels, Tyler Gagiano, Ben Blundell, Oliver Kawana. Coach: Mr Paul Knight.

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The Year 7 boys had a steady start witha close first game against Bucklands Beach Intermediate. Somerville came out on top and the final score of 6-5 gave them a great deal of confidence going into their upcoming games. The boys went on to succeed in their second game against Howick Intermediate, with a final score of 9-7. This further grew the team's confidence, and they were showing great effort and sportsmanship. The year 7 boys continued their winning streak with a 9-7 win over the tough Howick Intermediate side. With three wins behind them, the boys went into their game against Farm Cove with a great deal of confidence. This, paired with their great batting and fielding, ended in a very comfortable 7-2 win.


The final game of the round robin was an extremely tight and tough game against Sir Edmund Hillary, which unfortunately ended in a 6-7 loss. However, the Somerville Year 7 boys still finished at the top of the table confidently, and were through to the final of SEZ 2019.


The boys worked hard in the final, and came out with a 2-0 win, gaining them the title of SEZ Softball champions 2019.


Year 8 Boys

Jayden Whittle (Captain), Joshua Gagiano, Rhyan Galloway, Cassidy Goodwin-Meleisea, Joe Thistlethwaite, Andrew Clark, Cory Gordon, Blake Gordon, Ryan Mackenzie, Kaiden Warren, Hayden Page, Kodie Nicol.


The day started off well with a very close game against Sancta Maria, where the Somerville boys came away with a 2-0 victory. This gave the boys confidence, and started building up their teamwork and encouragement of each other, which really came into effect in our second game against Howick Intermediate. After a tough fight, we won 9-0. In the afternoon, our first game was a solid win against a very tough Redoubt North Primary, with 6-0. Our final game of the round robin ended with a very convincing 16-0 win against Kia Aroha, which put Somerville Intermediate Year 8 boys through to the final of SEZ 2019.

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In the lead up to the final, everyone was telling the boys that it was going to be our toughest game yet, and that Ferguson were an extremely strong and very confident team. The boys didn’t let this phase them, as they started strong, and followed through with the same sportsmanship, skill, and awesome attitudes they had shown all day. The final result was an impressive 14-0 to Somerville.


With both the Year 7 and 8 teams coming first in the SEZ tournament, both teams will be heading to Northcross Intermediate on Wednesday 20th March for the Auckland Champs Interzone tournament.