The Somerville Student Code of Ethics was designed by students, for students, as part of an authentic learning journey in 2011. As such these ethics have a huge degree of student voice and vision and are intended to promote both the values and actions Somerville Intermediate students themselves believe are fundamental and important. It is intended to guide behaviour and support students in the kinds of actions and attitudes that optimise learning and grow greater social awareness and responsibility.

This is what some students say about the 'code of ethics':

  • "They are a good idea because they are more powerful than a whole lot of behaviour guidelines."
  • "These statements are simple to follow."
  • "Ethics are powerful and easy to understand."
  • "These ethics unpack being the best you can be."


Ethics excellence

At Somerville we strive towards excellence in every area of school life by being organised, committed, hard working and the very best we can be.


Ethics perseverance

At Somerville we persevere through challenges by being reflective, honest and seeking the support and guidance of others.


At Somerville we strive to apply a positive attitude to all that we do or undertake and look for opportunities to support and encourage others.


Ethics integrity

At Somerville we conduct ourselves with integrity and always act in a way that honours ourselves and others.


Ethics respect

At Somerville we respect ourselves, others, the environment and the right to learn.