Syndicate Members

Room 5: Laura Padayachee (Lead Teacher)

Room 1: Joey Chong 

Room 2: Louise Conolly

Room 6: David Acton

Syndicate Goal

In Syndicate C we aim to create a supportive and engaging learning environment where all students can experience success. We endeavour to provide meaningful learning experiences that will develop and nurture an innate curiosity in the minds of our students.


In Syndicate C we aim to foster a collaborative environment where learners thrive. We place high importance on the Somerville virtues of respect, excellence, integrity, attitude and perseverance and expect all of our students and teachers to uphold these.

ALJ Synopsis

How can we ensure that the best is yet to come?

The rationale behind this ALJ is that it encourages students to examine the world they currently live in and explore the possibility that the best is still yet to come. Our ALJ is built around the idea that our 'current situation isn't our final destination' and through social action and positive change the students can contribute to a more positive future.

We will examine enigmas, mysteries and wonders of the world, embracing curiosity and the unknown. We will learn about and from scientists, explorers and inquisitive minds that have gone before us, unpacking how they were always searching for ways to make the world a better place. The year will culminate in an opportunity for students to explore their own passions and make positive social change through rich tasks.