Syndicate Members

Room 1: Mr Brent Pearson (Lead Teacher)

Room 2: Miss Angela Hampton

Room 5: Mrs Laura Padayachee

Room 6: Mr David Acton

Syndicate Goal

Our aim in Syndicate C is to create a learning environment that inspires children and encourages them to reach their full potential through being challenged by, and engaged in, authentic learning experiences. We aim to provide regular opportunities for students to work together and to collaborate in helping all of them to find their voice so that they may create their own place in the world.

ALJ Synopsis

Can we become what we want by remaining what we are?

 Change is inevitable, however we have a choice in how we respond to or create that change. The rationale behind this fertile question is to unpack a variety of responses to change (ranging from passive responses through to proactive) culminating in the opportunity for the students to "be the change they want to see in the world" through social action and a rich task.

Term One will focus on adaptation, with a science focus around animal adaptation. Term Two moves into leadership and how world leaders lead through change and lead change. Looking at a range of positive and negative influential figures throughout history and current world leaders. Term Three will focus on creators and how people create change through social influence and artistic expression. This will lead into Term Four with a focus on action, and handing it over to the students to implement a rich task which has the potential to create a ripple effect of positive change.