Syndicate Members

Room 24: Mrs Sonya Koshy

Room 25: Mr Dave Beehre (Lead Teacher)

Room 26: Miss Sarah Puttick

Syndicate Goal

Syndicate B aims to develop a collaborative team of teachers and students all working together to grow their knowledge and develop their learning.


As a Module 1 syndicate, our aim is to use the digital tools available to us in order to expand student's ideas and break down the "walls" in our classrooms. Our goal is to enable students to share their knowledge and skills, and work together to enhance their own understanding of the world they live in.


It is also our aim to grow responsible digital citizens who can operate with both skill and integrity in the digital world that is such a big part of, not only the world today, but also the world of their future.


We aim to develop young people who are articulate and confident learners, able to utilise and share all their skills and talents and who actively look for ways to develop and improve.

ALJ Synopsis

Do we build too many walls and not enough bridges?

 The rationale behind this fertile question is to provide opportunities for students to learn more about themselves, their peers and the wider community in which they live and beyond. In his recent election campaign, United States President elect, Donald Trump promised to build a wall to separate the United States from Mexico. What is the rationale behind this thinking? What did Isaac Newton mean when he said, "We build too many walls and not enough bridges." Does the world need another physical wall to separate communities, or is there in fact an alternative to this?


This year Syndicate B will investigate not only the physical walls and bridges that exist in our world, but more importantly explore the metaphorical walls and bridges that exist in the world today; these walls that separate and divide people, communities and countries, and also the bridges that unite different groups of people as well. Students will be encouraged to think, to analyse, to connect (sympathise/empathise), to synthesise, and to create new understanding for themselves.