Syndicate Teachers:

Room 9: Mr Andy Hamilton (Lead Teacher)

Room 10: Mrs Annette Woodnutt

Room 15: Miss Anna Kerr

Room 16: Mrs Sandy Good

Syndicate Goal

Our aim in Syndicate A is to create and maintain a classroom environment where every child is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential through authentic learning experiences.


We believe it is imperative to work collaboratively with students to establish an environment in which they feel that sharing ideas, exchanging information, valuing other's opinions and where making mistakes and learning form these mistakes is an integral part of the learning process.


We aim to provide regular opportunities for the students to work together as it is our belief this helps them learn from each other, in addition to learning to understand that everyone has different points of views.

ALJ Synopsis

In an ever changing world, what change can I bring?

We want the children to see, that change is inevitable and there are choices that we can make to participate or activate or cope/manage. Children will realise that a series of changes; some of which have been out of their control, have brought them to this point in time, and will continue to affect them as they journey through their life.