Syndicate Members

Room 19: Mrs Donna Bowler

Room 20: Miss Annabel Thorne

Room 21: Mr Nesan Naidoo (Lead Teacher)

Room 22: Mrs Alex Sharma

Syndicate Goal

Our goal in Syndicate H is to create a collaborative learning environment for both teachers and students. Students will be inspired and encouraged to reach their full potential by challenging them through authentic learning contexts. We aim to provide regular opportunities for students to work together and to air their voice in a confident and respectful manner.

ALJ Synopsis

Am I the voice of my generation?

Empowering students to make a difference can bring rewards to both the students and the community at large. Students who learn to collaborate with adults, present their ideas in constructive ways, and take action can be effective spokespeople for themselves, their peers, their school, and their community.


The students in Syndicate H will look at their journey in life and the ways in which they can influence it. Students will realise that they are important members of society, their opinions are important and their voices need to be heard, ultimately to mould a better generation for themselves. They will look at decision making and ways in which they can voice their opinion.