Syndicate Teachers

Room 11: Mr Mike Dibben (Lead Teacher)

Room 12: Mrs Vanessa Hancock

Room 13: Mrs Lavinia Macefield

Room 14: Miss Fran Viljoen

Syndicate Goal

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Excellence aspirational... the best you can be.

Syndicate ALJ

Did curiosity really kill the cat? 

Are people inherently curious? There is a saying that states: plenty of people saw the apple fall, but only Newton asked why.  What makes people curious?  What are people curious about?  What innovations have we generated through our curiosity?  Is it enough to be just curious, or do we need other characteristics, too?  


Curiosity is defined as a need, thirst or desire for knowledge. The concept of curiosity is central to motivation. Not everyone is curious about the same things. 


Curiosity is the organic building block of knowledge structure and is the key which has opened new vistas of thought and objective disciplines.


It is the curious nature of man that has led him to wonder, ponder and then learn. 


This year students will have the opportunity to learn about curiosity.  They will also have the opportunity to pursue their own curiosities.