Syndicate Members

Room 21: Ann Hewlett (Lead Teacher)

Room 19:  Paul Knight

Room 20:  Jessica Clayton

Room 22: Alex Sharma

Syndicate Goal

To be "the best we can be" for the teachers and students of Syndicate E, we will be engaged in authentic programmes of learning. The learning will be holistic and most definitely collaborative between all members of the syndicate...and a sense of relevance and fun will extend throughout the year!

ALJ Synopsis

Can we learn from our mistakes?

 This year, the students of Syndicate E will use the challenging question - "Can we learn from our mistakes" to underpin their learning in Social Science and the Humanities. Two of the most common quotes on learning from our mistakes state - "Mistakes are proof that you are trying" and "Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them!" It is through this lens that the students will examine mistakes made in the course of the history of the world (Term 1), and mistakes made in caring for our environment (Term 2). We hope that our students will reflect on how to prevent further mistakes by taking care of our people and our environment. In Term 3 we will look at how the ability to be resilient when we make mistakes and learn from them - as in the process of becoming an innovator and / or an entrepreneur. The students will embark on a study of people who have been open to making mistakes as they work towards their goal - and they will use their new learning so that they can themselves, embark on a business venture requiring teamwork, collaboration, enterprise, innovation, taking risks, problem solving and entrepreneurship. In Term 4 the students will venture out on an "E-mazing Race" where their learning will be tested, and tested again! Literacy programmes will integrate with Social Science as much as is relevant, with a focus on developing effective research and Inquiry skills... Will it be fun - oh yes it will!