Syndicate Members

Room 7: Mrs Jessica Clayton

Room 8: Ms Ann Hewlett (Lead Teacher)

Room 17: Mrs Paige Nichol

Room 18: Mrs Jean Goodhall

Syndicate Goal

To be "the best we can be" for the teachers and students of Syndicate E, we will be engaged in authentic programmes of learning. The learning will be holistic and most definitely collaborative between all members of the syndicate...and a sense of relevance and fun will extend throughout the year!

ALJ Synopsis

What lies beyond the horizon?

 Syndicate E students can be seen as travellers - explorers - who are encouraged and supported to go beyond the horizons of their familiar territory (knowledge, experiences, assumptions or beliefs), so they cannot intentionally go somewhere specific or known as they do not know what lies beyond... much like Christopher Columbus who could not sail to a specific place as he did not know what was beyond the horizon... his quest to continually look for new lands and new opportunities made him one of the most significant early explorers.


Over the 4 adventurous terms of 2017, the students will study the early explorers of the New World. They will venture into space to look at celestial horizons. By looking at the metaphorical meaning of 'horizon', the students will consider what adventures are on their own horizon and as an explorer and learner, develop the capacity to embrace personal adventure and understand what motivates people to seek new knowledge and experiences.