Our school was certainly a hive of activity, with children buzzing with excitement as they engaged in their various activities for STEAM week.


The rationale for trialling STEAM week at Somerville this week is because we have approximately 160 students representing Somerville at the AIMS Games and they are accompanied by 8 teachers. With so many away, it makes it difficult to continue the normal school programme. So instead, the remaining teachers planned a total of 23 different STEAM workshops for children to choose from. STEAM education is a trans-disciplinary approach to the school curriculum based on projects and project-based learning. Specific learning objectives from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (including humanities) and Mathematics are combined to create new learning experiences.


During this week, opportunities were created for:

Teachers to plan and work collaboratively.
Children to work collaboratively in mixed-ability groups.
Children to build learner agency, which is directly linked to our school-wide focus.


We have been impressed with the engagement and focus of our children as we visited workshops. It has been a highly successful week, with lots of new learning taking place in a fun and creative way.


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