It was a rainy, overcast day on June 13th when we had our school cross country.


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The Year 7 girls ran first and showed great determination as they ran through the showers and the resulting mud. Danielle Asiata came in first place, followed by Tara Daniels, and Shayla Nepia. The Year 7 boys had much the same as they also ran in the rain, Connor Boulton came in first, with Nicholas Rooney and JD Bell coming in close behind.

The Year 8 girls had a much easier time as the sun came out and the weather cleared up. Anjalee Singh came in first place, with Hannah Webb in second and Kayla Conover in third. The Year 8 boys also had great weather but had to deal with the most mud. Shay Dawson came in first, followed by Dylan Koshy and Cormac Simpson.


Overall it was a good day despite the weather, and although many shoes were lost to mud, the students did their very best.