As part of our school specialist science programme, we have been visiting Mangemangeroa Reserve. Its location right next to the school makes the reserve an invaluable outdoor classroom.

We have accessed the tracks which are still open and unaffected by the slips. The students have learned about the native plants and fauna which inhabit the area. Trees such as the totara, karaka, manuka, kowhai and puriri have been identified. We have even tried "eating" kawakawa leaves (although not swallowing) The students felt their mouths go numb for a short while. Traditional Maori used them for their natural anaesthetic properties.


There are a range of bird species such as kereru, tui, piwakawaka (fantail) and sacred kingfishers which may be seen, along with many others. We would like to thank the parents who have given up a couple of hours of their time in the morning at various times this term to support the trips. It is very much appreciated as the students really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot.