Four Somerville teams participated in this amazing engineering challenge on Wednesday 20 September, held in our school gym.

They had various challenges that they had to solve: build a robotic guard dog, a theme park ride, a solar powered satellite, and a bridge.


We would like to congratulate all our teams on their amazing technical, collaborative, critical thinking, creativity and engineering skills. The challenges lasted 3 hours so the teams also had to have plenty of perseverance. All our students did so well and we are really proud of them. There were 12 teams from different schools competing. Our teams were:


Harry Tyler, Alex Reynolds, Tom Marr and Alfie Raynor


Free WiFi:
Gibson Gao, Wilco Ng, Thomas Donnell, Jared Wong and Alex Mirkhov


Knowledge Quad:
Neske Groenewagen, Jasmine Mom, Annie Chen and Jessica Dixon


Conveyor Cats: Sahib Singh, Reena Chen, Sue Nguyen, Olivia Lee and Ryan Langstone


Haalo came 1st and Free Wifi tied for 2nd. These 2 teams will now compete in the semi finals on 22nd November - well done to you all! Knowledge Quad came 5th and Conveyor Cats 7th, so overall Somerville did extremely well.


It was a fun evening for all the contestants, as well as for the parents and teachers. Thanks to everyone who came along to support our teams.